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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for June 8


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

The Omni Group has developed OmniPlan for iPad ($49.99). The iPad version of the company’s organization and planning tool, OmniPlan, offers many of the features included in the Mac edition like enhanced collaboration, change tracking and smart scheduling.

Limited Cue has announced Stories About Me 1.0, their second children’s educational app for the iPad. Designed specifically for kids with autism, kids with special needs and disabilities, and early learners in general, the free app helps users create situational stories about themselves, and to share what they think and feel with others.

In partnership with John Wiley & Sons, gWhiz has released Dog Basics For Dummies for iOS. The free educational app designed to take the guesswork out of dog ownership. It combines reference material from the For Dummies series with tools such as a scrapbook, reminders, locator, and clicker.

Mooklet Project has introduced Mooklet for the iPhone. The free app lets you create a photo story that you can distribute as an HTML5 based web application.

Ken Toh has unveiled RPS Mutants for iOS. The free arcade is a new take on an old favorite: Rock-Paper-Scissors. You play an unstable mutant who can assume different RPS forms. You will be required to put your reflexes and RPS skills to test as you take your mutant as far as you can.

Algoriddim has launched vjay 1.0 for the iPad. The US$9.99 app offers a way of creating, performing and sharing music and video media mash-ups. Directly integrated with the media libraries on the iPad, vjay allows users to take their favorite videos, music, and music videos and combine them simultaneously into an interactive audio visual experience.

Cairndow Design has unveiled Kitchen Clock 1.0 for the iPad. The $0.99 app combines an integrated web-browser with links to “the world’s best recipe websites alongside unique and intuitive timers and clocks.”

Dev4phone has debuted Music Note Trainer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Aimed at musicians, music students and anyone interested in musical reading, the $2.99 app is designed specifically to help train your ability to read music. It includes exercises reading musical notes and musical chords.

Sprightly Software has premiered Participants 1.0 for iOS. It’s a $2.99 attendance-taking app designed for teachers, business people, group organizers, and anyone who needs to take attendance, Participants keeps a history of attendees for individual events and a history of events for each participant.

Nevosoft presents Shape Shifters for iOS. It’s a $0.99 physics puzzle with characters from outer space.

The Museum of Modern Art has given us the MoMA Art Lab app for the iPad. Inspired by MoMA Art Labs, a series of interactive spaces at the Museum where kids and adults can engage with art through hands-on activities, the $4.99 app offers an open-ended exploration of the various ways in which simple shapes and lines can be transformed into art.

Namco Bandai Games has served up No Red T-Shirts for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the $2.99 game, players jump into the role of Robo, the law-loving, crime-hating police-bot whose single mission in life is to bring order to the streets, giving out silly fines with a simple tap of the screen. From illegally riding a bike and eating ice cream, to wearing a hat unlawfully, players fight to rid the world of crime over the course of 12 locations across six diverse landscapes.

Manipal Digital Systems has created ABC’s are Fun 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A language learning solution geared specifically towards toddlers, the $2.99 app shows users how to read and write out the letters of the alphabet.

iSonea is providing AsthmaSense for iOS. The $3.99 asthma management app is designed specifically to help improve the way people live with and manage asthma. Through an asthma action plan, the app provides active reminders while it records and tracks symptoms, lung function tests, asthma events, and medications.

Cognitive Kid has unleashed Ansel & Clair Cretaceous Dinosaurs 1.0 for the iPad. The first app in this trilogy costs $1.99 and focuses on the Cretaceous period, with future apps focusing on the Jurassic and Triassic periods.

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