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Aquafadas releases Digital Publishing System 2.0


Aquafadas has released version 2.0 of its Digital Publishing System. The upgrade includes ePub3 support, six new games and 40 additional new features.

Besides apps, fixed-layout ePub3 is the most important way of publishing to the iPad, according to Aquafadas CEO Claudia Zimmer. Aquafadas’s ePub3 export supports full text search, high resolution images, video, read-aloud audio, slideshows, and more.

With Digital Publishing System 2.0, apps can be more interactive with Google Maps integration, six new games (including jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku), scrollable layouts and long-page layouts. Universal app support for iPad and iPhone enables reading across devices, while designers create dedicated content once and Aquafadas’s distribution system delivers the right content file to a device.

The standard version of Aquafadas’s Digital Publishing System is available as a free download at A one-time publication fee applies only at the time of publishing.

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