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Mac-only Cheetah3D 6.0 with bullet physics released 


MW3D-Solutions has released Cheetah3D 6.0 (, an update to its professional level 3D modeling solution for Mac OS X. The biggest change in the upgrade is the smooth integration of the Bullet physics engine for the simulation of rigid-body and soft-body dynamics

This makes it easier to, for instance, create a bowl of marbles spilling or simulating a flag waving in the wind. CCheetah3D provides such tools as subdivision surface modeling, joint-based character animation system, UV unwrapping, texture painting, rigid and soft body dynamics, PDF import, global illumination renderer, and more.

Version 6.0 also offers the possibility to extend Cheetah3D with JavaScripts and support for many common file formats, like FBX, 3DS or Collada. And there’s support for full screen mode in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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