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Bubble Chart Pro Plus for Mac OS X floats to version 3.0

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Bubble Chart Pro Plus, a Mac OS X desktop application, has been revved to version 3.0. The app is designed to solve the problem business managers face when trying to prioritize their projects by simultaneously comparing competing project criteria such as rewards, costs, resource requirements, timing, and risks.

Bubble Chart Pro Plus combines a prioritization system with interactive bubble and bar charts to help managers rank and choose which projects to fund. Managers can integrate multiple competing criteria into a single value score for each project. The value score is calculated based on the manager’s strategic business goals and preferences. The prioritization system was developed based on decision research by scientists from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Southern California.

Bubble Chart Pro is available for Mac 10.6.8 and above. Single user licenses start at US$249.97. A free demo version is available for download (

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