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Foxconn may double minimum monthly salary of workers


Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn — which makes, among other things, iPad and iPhones, for Apple — will double the minimum monthly salary of its workers in mainland China by the end of next year, reports “Want Daily” (

Earlier this month in Shanghai, Foxconn chairman and president Terry Gou announced that the company’s salaries in China will exceed the minimum wage in Taiwan by the end of the year. Apparently, this means salary increases from 2,200 yuan (US$350) to 4,000 yuan ($630).

Sources now claim that Gou declared at a function on May 16 that simply catching up to Taiwanese wages is not enough, and that monthly salaries for workers in China should be doubled to 4,400 yuan ($690) by the end of 2013, according to “Want Daily.” If true, it would be Foxconn’s fourth announced salary hike in China in the last two years.

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