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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for May 29


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Lyudmyla Ivanova has announced Cool Movies! 1.0 for iOS. It’s an US$1.99 app for fast home movie production on the go. It offers live view, processing of videos in full HD, an unlimited number of user generated themes, and more.

Ninebuzz has released MiniTimer for iOS. It’s a free 30-minute timer app.

Matthew Slipper has introduced SwipeVideo 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99, video sharing app lets users record and share videos with multiple social networks and services.

Roughsoft has launched Voicer, an iPhone app that records, tweaks, saves, and shares sound. The free tool offers unlimited recording, the ability to export to high quality audio formats, and sharing with others via SoundCloud, email, and app file sharing.

TheHermonApps has unveiled Euro 2012 England 1.0, its new football app developed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Designed for die-hard football fans, it’s free and features a Euro football quiz, as well as statistics and information on each player and manager.

StackTracks has debuted Letter Gap for iOS. It’s a $0.99 word game that pits your spelling ability against your critical thinking skills as you try to unscramble and spell words across an array of categories.

Myzantium has premiered Wonga Bazaar Lite 1.0 for the iPad. The free app is designed to allow you to “vicariously experience the ups and downs of a village economy in an earthly and colorful ambience.”

Basil Salad Software has created Tweetascope 1.0 for the iPad. The free Twitter app aggregates a user’s timeline as a word cloud for easy skimming. The word cloud format allows users to find topics of interests and only read tweets that are useful.

MiBooks has published Angus and Max Blast Off! 1.0 for iOS. In the $2.99 kids adventure book a mysterious noise from the backyard wakes young Angus from his sleep, and he soon finds himself taking off into the wonderous depths of the solar system with his eager dog Max. Readers get involved in this iPhone and iPad storybook as they help with a variety of tasks, as Angus and Max whizz past planets, stars, comets and asteroids on the way to the dwarf planet Pluto.

Vivid Games, and BSI Speedway have rolled out the FIM Speedway GP 2012 racing game for iOS. The $1.99 app challenges players’ bike skills to the limit, as they suit up to compete in the world of Speedway, the “no brakes, one gear” motorbike challenge.

Games for Gummie has unleashed Cow Abduct! 1.0, a free iOS game. In the app, the player tries to keep a UFO in the air as long as possible by abducting cows.

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