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Optrix wide-angle iPhone sports case available for pre-order


Optrix has announced the pre-order availability of the Optrix Wide-Angle at Kickstarter. It’s the second version of their iPhone 4, 4S and iPod touch case that allows extreme sports enthusiasts to shoot, edit and upload 1080P videos from their mobile device.

The Optrix Wide-Angle allows users to capture images and videos using a 175 degree wide-angle lens, resulting in a panoramic, wider viewing area. It’s also bump, spill, splash and drop proof, making it ideal for extreme sports such as mountain biking, skateboarding, skiing and more, according to John Willenborg, founder of Optrix. 

The Optrix Wide-Angle is available with a variety of accessories, including a chest mount and multiple industrial base mounts that adhere to any surface. More info can be found at and .

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