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Job listings hint at Apple retail store expansion in China

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Job listings for Apple Retail store leader positions in Shenzhen and Chengdu hint at the company’s plan to expand its retail operations to new cities in China, reports “AppleInsider” (

In 2010, Apple reportedly revealed to its shareholders plans open a total of 25 brick-and-mortar stores over the course of two years. However, as “AppleInsider” notes, the company doesn’t appear on track to meet that goal, as it currently has just five retail stores on the Chinese mainland — two in Beijing and three in Shanghai.

According to a job listing for a “Store Leader” posted to the Hong Kong version of the JobsDB website, Apple Asia is looking to capitalize on the China opportunity with retail expansions to two new cities. Also, a mall in Dalian China has begun advertising that it will soon have “Apple’s world’s biggest flagship store.” However, reports have disagreed on whether the business will be an official Apple Retail store or a reseller, notes “AppleInsider.”

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