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ColorTouch thermostat is OS X, iOS compatible


Skyport Wi-Fi Key ( for the ColorTouch residential thermostat. 

It connects to Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services, which, when used with Venstar’s new mobile application, allows users to remotely monitor and control their home thermostats. Compatible with iOS devices, the Mac, Blackberry, Android and PCs, the ColorTouch residential thermostat with Skyport Wi-Fi Key is priced under $300 (estimated consumer cost).
Using the ColorTouch mobile application on their smartphones or tablet computers over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, or over the Internet, users can control their energy usage and reduce energy costs from any location, at any time. The ColorTouch thermostat Wi-Fi Key transforms the thermostat into a Wi-Fi device that allows users to monitor and control their home thermostats from any compatible mobile device or computer via Skyport, saus Steve Dushane, president and CEO of Venstar.

The new ColorTouch residential mobile application allows users to remotely monitor and control up to 10 thermostats at up to 10 locations.  Multiple people can control thermostats at the same home individually from their mobile devices.
The ColorTouch residential thermostat boasts a multi-functional, programmable touch screen thermostat with customizable backgrounds. It supports users’ own photos and comes with more than a dozen pre-set themes, including holiday themes.

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