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Apple rumors: Retina Macs, Nvidia GPUs, more


Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“The option of having Retina HD display on our Mac has been a hot topic since the release or the rumor of the New iPad. Hereafter, Stephane bring us convincing proofs that we might soon enjoy such definition on our Macs. HEreafter is what he found when digging into the last Mountain Lion version” — “HardMac” (

“ABC News has similarly heard from its own sources that both the next MacBook Pro and the iMac would be getting very, very high resolution displays.” — “ABC News” (

“New reports claim to have confirmed that Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pros will eschew AMD graphics processors in favor of GPUs from Nvidia.” — “AppleInsider” (

“The rumored 7.85-inch iPad will launch in the fourth quarter of this year and will feature thin-film touch technology, allowing the device to be thinner and less expensive than previous models, according to a new report.” — “DigiTimes” (

“The Google Chrome browser is coming to iOS” — “GigaOm” (

“We spoke with an industry source who has spoken with someone who used Apple’s TV remote control software on the iPad.” — “Business Insider” (

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