Nvidia IDE designed for GPU computing on OS X, Linux


Nvidia ( has announced a new Eclipse-based integrated development environment for GPU computing on Mac OS X and Linux, reports “eWeek” (,

The new Nvidia Nsight, Eclipse Edition is the world’s first IDE for developing GPU-accelerated applications on these operating systems, the company claims. Nvidia Nsight provides debugging and profiling tools that enable high-performance computing (HPC) and graphics developers to fully optimize the performance of CPUs and GPUs, according to Nvidia.

What’s more, the new Nsight, Eclipse Edition is designed to enable CUDA programmers to easily develop, debug and optimize the performance of GPU-accelerated applications within a familiar IDE based on the open-source Eclipse framework, according to “eWeek.” Other features of the new product include automatic code refactoring, which helps convert slow sequential CPU loops into parallel GPU kernels. Nvidia Nsight also features an integrated expert analysis system, which provides automated performance analysis and step-by-step guidance to address application performance bottlenecks.

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