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NetShade 5 for Mac build on new server architecture


Rayner Software has released NetShade 5 for Mac (, the latest update to its web anonymizer app. The new version is build on a new server architecture.

NetShade works by routing your Internet connection through an intermediary proxy server. This prevents your IP address from being sent to the sites you visit, providing a layer of privacy protection and a different geographical point of access.

NetShade provides access to a user-sourced list of public proxy servers, as well as its own dedicated servers. NetShade currently runs six proxies — three in the U.S. and three in the E.U.

With version 5 logins and passwords are no longer required to access the NetShade proxy. The previous version relied upon the OS X keychain to store login and password information for proxies, but various system-level bugs often caused this method to fail. The elimination of passwords in version 5 removes this susceptibility to the keychain’s bugs.

The proxy manager has been re-done, as has the overall application user interface. Windows are now collapsible. Multiple proxies can be tested in a batch, and proxies can be automatically cycled on a timer. New interface sounds provide an audible representation of a server’s round trip time when you test it.

Version 5 is a major rewrite of the NetShade code across both the app and the server. It requires 10.6 or higher, and is Intel only. Version 4 remains available for users on older systems.

Pricing for NetShade remains unchanged from previous versions, as follows:

° A free 10-day free trial;
° US$29 NetShade Registration, including one year of NetShade Proxy access;
° $19 Renew NetShade Proxy subscription for one year (not required to run the app);
° $9 Upgrade from NetShade 4 to NetShade 5;
° $9 Enable iOS on your registration code.

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