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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for May 3


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

StoryMark Life has announced StoryMark for the iPhone. The free, audio-enabled photo sharing app allows you to permanently attach your voice or any sound to your pictures permanently and then share it.

Art Scan has released ArtScan Player 1.0 for iOS. Using image search technology, the US$1.99 app purportedly recognizes whatever users show it and brings them associated media. ArtScan Player allows users to stream music and video to their iOS devices by snapping a photo of an album cover, print ad, movie poster and more.

Patrick Gallagher has introduced The Dead Hop, a strategic role-playing game for iOS devices. In the $2.99 app, you develop your character by earning skill points from the completion of both quest and random missions. The skill points are then used to increase skills and acquire additional abilities.

Paul Gee has unveiled EyeStalk for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Using image processing the $1.99 can process any image and apply one of four styles, ranging from 1960’s black and white to the latest paradigm vision system.

Ricky Vuckovic has launched Fly Plane 1.0 for the iPad. It’s a $0.99 kids game that lets you choose a plane or helicopter, pick a scene to fly around, and fly with your fingers.

Ultralab has debuted Imajao 1.0 for iOS. The free networking and sharing tool lets you share whatever is on your iPhone or iPad.

Needleworks Education has premiered Fluency Timer for iOS. The app — available in both free, ad-supported and paid (no ad) versions — allows teachers, parents, and students to record fluency readings with the push of a button. An adjustable timer automatically stops the recording at the end of a preset time. Recordings can be played back, e-mailed, or transferred to the desktop. Teachers can collect audio recordings as evidence of student achievement and communicate results by sharing recordings with parents and colleagues.

Gamelion Studios has developed Crazy Kangaroo 1.0 for iOS. It’s a $0.99 platform/z-scroller game in which players control Barney the kangaroo by tilting forward and backward, and left and right. Barney is seen from an overhead view as he hops from lily pad to alligator to stone trying to get home while evading hunters, collecting stars, scoring power-ups, avoiding drowning by hopping from one waterborne object to another.

GameCell has created Pocket Monkey for iOS. In the free game you help pocket monkey on his journey to find his lost tribe while avoiding traps and other animals.

Remoter Labs has given us Remoter Pro 1.0.0 for iOS. The $9.99 productivity app app allows users to remotely control Macs via screen sharing, and Windows or Linux PCs using the VNC or RDP standards right from their iOS devices.

Zumbox has rolled out Digital Postal Mail for the iPad. The free app lets you manage postal mail, receive alerts, view and pay bills, and file statements.

PigRange for iOS is a new, $0.99 cartoon shooter for both children and adults. In the game “funny pigs frisk around with silly smiles, while you shoot them down.”

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