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Apple updates iLife apps for iOS


Apple released iPhoto 1.0.1 for iOS on Tuesday with a fix for a problem where some photos would duplicate. This is the first update Apple has released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch version of iPhoto.

iPhoto 1.0.1 for iOS 1.0.1 includes a Copy Link button for your journal’s URL to use when publishing a journal to iCloud. The update also fixes an issue that could cause duplicate photos to appear in Photos view.

iMovie 1.3.2 for iOS deals with stability problems. GarageBand 1.2.1 for iOS fixes various issues. Cards 1.1.2 for iOS includes letterpress cards specifically for Mother’s Day, as well as updates of other card designs.

All updates are available at the Apple App Store. They’re free for those who have purchased the apps. If you haven’t, they’re five bucks each.

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