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Google is most popular tech company; Apple second


Eighty two percent of Americans express a favorable opinion of Google overall according to a Langer Research Associates poll produced for ABC. What’s more, 53% express a “strongly” favorable opinion of the world’s leading search engine. Apple came in second in the poll.

Seventy-four percent see Apple favorably. However, in addition to trailing Google by a relatively slim eight percentage points overall, it lags by a wider 16 points in strong devotees.

Google and Apple are broadly popular across demographic groups, although, reflecting their emphasis on design and innovation, tend to particularly do well among the young, highly educated and affluent, notes “ABC News” (). Favorability of both brands peaks among people with household incomes of $100,000 or more; in this group a near-unanimous 93 and 91% express favorable opinions of Google and Apple, respectively, says “ABC News.”

Among those under age 30, Google maintains 92% favorability, Apple, 81%. Both are more popular among college graduates (88 and 84%) than their counterparts (79 and 70%). For more details from the poll go to .

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