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Winclone for OS X revved to version 3.0


Twocanoes Software has released Winclone 3 for OS X (10.6 or higher), an update of the application that allows users to image, partition, and migrate the Boot Camp partition on their Mac.

Apple’s Boot Camp assists in the installation of Windows operating systems on Macs. Winclone allows users to migrate data from one Boot Camp partition to another partition, hard drive, or computer –or change the size of the Boot Camp partition.

The application can transfer Microsoft Windows partitions from one computer to another, shrink or expand the Windows file system on a Boot Camp partition. It also allow users to save their Boot Camp partition to an external hard drive for safe-keeping. Users may move the data from one Boot Camp partition to another, in order to image, or clone, the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Winclone 3 costs US$19.99 for an individual license (up to two computers), $99.99 for the pro version (unlimited computers by a single administrator), and $499.99 for a site license (unlimited computers by any employee or contractor). All are available through the Twocanoes website (

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