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iCurrency Lite for OS X lets you view currency in menu bar


Limited Securities has announced iCurrency Lite for OS X, the desktop version of their finance application for iOS. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, costs US$0.99 and is available in the Mac App Store in the Finance category.

iCurrency Lite allows users to track currency pair rates from more than 150 different currencies listed. The app provides real-time info for both traders and individuals, supplying immediate numbers that are easy to access at anytime. iCurrrency Lite leverages the OS X menu/status bar to display the rates in that location.

With this new application users can set up as many currency pairs as they want and choose a few of them to show all the time in the menu/status bar of OS X. You can add currency pairs of your choice, see the trend in the currency pair with a green/red color mark and more.

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