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Sprint: we’re free to offer a 4G LTE iPhone — if/when one arrives


Sprint Nextel says it’s free to offer a potential future iPhone using the faster mobile broadband network known as 4G LTE, reports “Dow Jones” ( In announcing its fourth quarter financial results, Sprint says it sold 1.8 million iPhones. By comparison, AT&T sold 7.6 million and Verizon moved 4.3 million.

At an investor conference today, Spring Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer didn’t actually say that Apple has such a smartphone in the works, the article adds.
The carrier plans to introduce the 4G LTE network in only six cities by mid-year.
Euteneuer said Sprint’s Apple contract is similar to those of rivals AT&% and Verizon Wireless. The company isn’t being held to any 4G LTE coverage requirements, notes “Dow Jones.”

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