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‘Consumer Reports’ looks at the new iPad’s heat generation


“Consumer Reports” says ( tests by its engineers, using a thermal imaging camera, recorded temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit while playing Epic’s “Infinity Blade II on the new iPad.

In the test the new iPad was propped on the Apple Smart Cover, plugged in, and ran Infinity Blade II uninterrupted for about 45 minutes. The device’s 4G connection wasn’t turned on, though its Wi-Fi was. The ambient room temperature was about 72 degrees. (Apple recommends not using the iPad in environments over 95 degrees.)

“Consumer Reports” also ran the test with the new iPad unplugged. Then they compared the temperature of the new iPad to that of the iPad 2 using the same tests.

“When unplugged, the back of the new iPad reached temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit,” notes “Consumer Reports.” “It was only when plugged in that it hit 116 degrees. The hottest areas weren’t evenly distributed throughout the iPad’s back, but were concentrated near one corner of the display as shown in the images taken from the rear of the device above. So, when plugged in, the back of the new iPad became as much as 12 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 did in the same tests; while unplugged the difference was 13 degrees.”

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller told “The Loop” ( that the new iPad operates “well within our thermal specifications.” “If customers have any concerns, they should contact AppleCare,” she added.

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