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Akvis Decorator now available as standalone app


Akvis has updated Akvis Decorator, a Mac compatible app that lets you apply a new texture and color to an object while preserving its volume, to version 3.0. It’s now available in a standalone version, as well as a plug-in.

Decorate 3.0 also adds selection tools have been added. There’s a variety of patterns in the built-in Texture Library that you can apply. Or you can apply your own textures; just load an image as a texture file into the library.

A 10-day demo is available for download ( Registered users of Decorator can upgrade to the new version for free.
For new users, Akvis Decorator sells for US$54 for the Home version (either plug-in or standalone), $65 for the Home Deluxe version (either plug-in or standalone), and $82 for the Business version (either plug-in or standalone).

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