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iPad 2 more likely to get damaged than the original iPad?


SquareTrade (, an independent warranty provider, has completed a report on iPad breakage rates. Based on data compiled from 50,000 SquareTrade iPad customers, the company says iPad 2 owners reported breakage 3.5 times as often as iPad 1 owners.

Highlights of the study include:

° 9.8% of iPad 2 owners reported a failure from accidental damage within the first 12 months, compared to only 2.8% of original iPad 1 owners.

° Because the rate of accidental damage tends to happen on a straight line basis, SquareTrade projects almost 20% of its iPad 2 warranty customers to report accidental damage over 2 years, compared to 5.5% of iPad 1 devices.

° Customer data reveals that outside of accidents, the iPad remains an extremely reliable device. Minimal normal use failure rates have even further decreased for the iPad 2.

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