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Jane’s Realty is new real estate management simulator for the Mac

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Realore Studios has introduced Jane’s Realty 1.0, a real estate management simulation for Mac OS X (10.6.6 or higher). It’s available at the Mac App Store for US$6.99.

In Jane’s Reality, players can experience what it’s like to have a real estate business of their own. Combining elements of time management and economic simulator genres, gamers play as Jane.

Here’s how the game is described: “After getting back her family hotel chain she decides to explore new business possibilities. Realty seems like a good investment and a worthy challenge so she buys a piece of land and builds her first house for rent.

“Players buy land, build houses, furnish them and collect rent from the tenants. Stable flow of money opens new options. Players can either upgrade the existing houses to make them bigger, save up to build new houses or construct service buildings. Some of these allow players buy fancy furniture to better decorate new mansions, others let them construct several buildings simultaneously, some give a possibility to take a loan at the local bank etc.

“Players also have to pay close attention to the needs of their tenants. Sometimes a power plant stops working, or water supply gets insufficient, other times a hurricane may make the trees fall and block the roads and it’s Jane’s job to take care of all these things in order to keep her tenants happy. Happiness of the people who live in the area is a valuable resource. Satisfied tenants pay their bills on time, tend to stay in the area and at some point may even want to upgrade and redecorate their house which means more money for Jane’s business.

“Over the course of the game players move from block to block, buy land and make the area a safe and pleasant place to live. Practically endless stream of houses, buildings, challenges and furniture for decoration brings something new to every level.”

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