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iPad demand shakes up corporate market


A recent ChangeWave Research ( survey of 1,604 business IT buyers shows the new iPad is already having a powerful impact on the corporate tablet market. 

Better than one-in-five companies (22%) say they’ll be purchasing tablets for their employees during the second quarter of 2012. The percentage reporting they’ll buy Apple iPads has jumped to the highest level of corporate iPad demand ever seen in a ChangeWave survey.

The impending release of the new iPad is also having an impact on business purchases of tablets made by other manufacturers, according to the research group. The ChangeWave survey shows an across-the-board decline in next quarter buying of tablets from other manufacturers.

Among the competitors, Samsung (8%) is down two points and continues to remain a distant second in planned tablet buying. Oher tablet manufacturers showing a decline in corporate tablet share since the previous survey include H-P (4%; down one point), Asus (3%; down one point), Dell (3%; down two points), and RIM/Blackberry (3%; down two points).

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