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Virtual Frog Dissection app donated by PETA to save frogs


PETA has offered to donate money to a private school in Oneonta, California, to reduce the number of frog dissections performed in the school’s science classes.

The animal-rights group said it will pay for Lighthouse Christian Academy to purchase the Virtual Frog Dissection Educational app ( from Emantras so that students who object to dissecting animals have an alternative means of completing such assignments.

The app features three-dimensional organ views, anatomical comparisons of human and frog organs, and virtual dissection tools, including pins, markers, scissors, scalpels, and forceps.

“PETA is delighted to give Lighthouse Christian Academy teachers the tools they need to help compassionate and merciful students learn biology using humane, modern methods instead of by cutting up dead animals,” says PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. “Millions of frogs, pigs, cats, and other animals are still killed for dissection every year even though the practice upsets many students.”

Educators in other schools can avail of this offer by agreeing to offer a formal student dissection choice policy and informing PETA with details of their name and school details, and a request for Emantra’s Virtual Frog Dissection app for your school’s specified devices.

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