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LinguaSearch helps you locate OS X, iOS apps

Applingua has launched LinguaSearch (, an app store search engine that helps Mac OS X and iOS users find apps that can be run in their native language. It’s free to use and is being made available by app localization service, Applingua.

Launching with support for 14 different stores worldwide, LinguaSearch lets users from all major app markets search for apps they can understand. Not only can they find apps which can be used in their native language, but the results are also sorted by rating.

For example, when a French user searches the Apple App Store, many results may not offer a French localization. With LinguaSearch, users can choose to only see apps that have been translated into their own mother tongue. The same might apply to a native Spanish speaker living in the US, who can use LinguaSearch to find apps which are available in Spanish on the US Apple App Store.

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