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BadPlastic is new credit card app for OS X Lion


PixelEspresso has introduced BadPlastic 1.0, their new Mac application to track personal credit card debt. It requires Mac OS X 10.7.x (“Lion”).

In BadPlastic, the user provides card information and statement data. The app displays a statement timeline graph, visually representing the amount of debt on each card. It also calculates and shows card APR, the percentage of available credit used, number of payments left, and the clear date for each card.

BadPlastic shows a timeline of statement balances for each card, scaled according to the card limit at the time of each statement. It allows the user to zoom in and out of timelines to see the required time period. You can use it to calculate APR from monthly percentage rate and vice versa, to simplify statement filing.

BadPlastic 1.0 ( is available as a free, fully functional, 30-day demo. It costs US$9.95 per user until March, after which it becomes $14.95 per user.

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