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CurrentWerks shipping energy-saving USB wall outlets


CurrentWerks ( says its newest energy-saving USB wall outlets, the Duo and the Quattro (pictured), are now shipping.

The Duo adds two powerful USB ports with 16W of output to a standard 110V wall outlet. The Duo supports both 15A and 20A wall receptacles. It ships in regular and decorator styles with a choice of colors.

The Quattro has four USB ports that have a combined 22W output and fits in a standard wall gang box. Using a patented door mechanism, the Quattro purportedly eliminates vampire power, also known as standby power, saving energy.

At 2.1 amps per port, both of these products are currently the most powerful energy saving devices available on the market, according to CurrentWerks CEO Patrick Manning. They output enough to quickly charge even the most power-hungry devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Droid devices and game controllers at full charging rate.

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