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eBooks can now be read on any computer or tablet

Free Kindle and Nook apps are now available for the Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Kindle also has a free app for the BlackBerry, as well as a Cloud Reader that makes it possible to read a Kindle eBook in any browser on any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Until this week, you had to go to separate Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites to find all those free eBook reading apps. Now one website provides links to all those free apps in one place: .

The new website also provides information about how to use Siri, the voice-recognizing “personal assistant” on the iPhone 4S. Its home page has been redesigned to include links to nine eBooks about Siri, more than 40 articles and 20 videos about Siri and a sample preview of the largest of its three “Life With Siri” eBooks. 

While nearly all other eBooks are mainly text-based, “Life With Siri” primarily uses iPhone screenshots to demonstrate how to most effectively utilize Siri. In its new second edition, there are more than 100 screenshots. The Life With Siri eBooks range in price from US$0.99 to $1.99 and are available from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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