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iConnectMuse is new digital audio mixer for iOS devices


iConnectivity ( has announced the iConnectMuse for iOS devices. It’s a palm-sized personal mini-mixer that combines several music accessories into one iOS controlled product.

With iConnectMuse, the user will experience higher quality audio processing, improved audio latency and the ability to share and mix audio through an iOS device, and even charge the iOS device at the same time, according to the folks at iConnectivity. It features six stereo inputs and six stereo outputs, each with its own unique mix.

Additional features include two USB device ports, hub-able USB Host Port, two input and two output quarter-inch audio port jacks, a headphone monitor jack, Ethernet connection for network sharing, a MIDI pass-through interface and limited DSP processing. The iConnectMuse will be available in the second quarter of the year for US$229.99.

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