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Trip Journal for Business comes to Mac OS X


Sprightly Software has released a Mac version of their iOS app, Trip Journal for Business. It requires Mac OS X 7.x (“Lion”), costs US$29.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Business category.

Trip Journal is software for tracking business vehicle use. It keeps track of all the details of vehicle use for accounting, client billing, incoming tax purposes, and more. And with iCloud syncing, the data is everywhere users need it, according to the folks at Sprightly Software.

Trip Journal for Business includes support for multiple vehicles, adjustable reimbursement tracking, customizable defaults to auto-fill commonly inputed data, built-in address book integration and data exportation. It works in both miles and kilometres.

When users need it, their data is ready. Export a Microsoft Excel, or Numbers compatible spreadsheet containing all the trip information, or just the fields they choose. This makes it easy for users to send their bookkeeper or accountant the information they need for accounting or income tax purposes.

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