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Apple to pay $5 million to settle touch screen lawsuit


Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwanese touch design company, says Apple will pay US$5 million as part of a settlement in a patent infringement case, reports “Reuters” ( The statement said the two companies would also exchange authorizations to use each other’s patents.

Elan sued Apple in April 2009 , alleging infringement of two of its touch screen patents, The lawsuit alleges that Apple products — including its MacBook, iPhone and iPod touch — use technology that infringes on two of Elan’s patents.

In April 2010 Elan asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the import and sale of some Apple products, including the iPad, because of alleged patent infringement. The company claims Apple “knowingly and deliberately” used Elan’s technology, while continuing to introduce infringing products The petition also seeks to ban imports of the iPhone and iPod touch products, Elan said in the complaint.

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