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Avenza announces support for FME Desktop

Avenza System, producers of the PDF Maps app for iOS and geospatial plug-ins for the Adobe Creative Suite (including Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop), says that with the release of MAPublisher 8.6 for Adobe Illustrator, support for FME Desktop by Safe Software is now available.
With the new MAPublisher FME Auto add-on, users of MAPublisher and FME Desktop can automatically transfer the results of an FME workflow directly to the MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator environment complete with styling and layout. In addition MAPublisher users can now import the FME FFS file format.

MAPublisher FME Auto is a new add-on that connects the GIS data processing environment of FME Desktop to the cartographic design and publishing environment MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator. MAPublisher FME Auto provides FME Desktop with an Adobe Illustrator — MAPublisher writer.

In FME Desktop, the writer may be used to translate GIS data formats for use with MAPublisher. It’s now possible to create workflows in FME and then use pre-designed Adobe Illustrator templates, auto-assigned layers, and prepared MAP Themes to generate maps with much improved efficiency and ease, says Ted Florence, president of Avenza.
MAPublisher FME Auto is available as an add-on to MAPublisher 8.6 at prices starting at US$399 per license. Academic, floating and volume pricing is also available. Prices include one year of full maintenance. Go to for details.
MAPublisher for Illustrator is map production software for creating cartographic-quality maps from GIS data. It was developed as a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator.

MAPublisher 8.6 for Illustrator is available free of charge to all MAPublisher customers with an active maintenance subscription and as an upgrade for non-maintenance users at $599. New licenses are $1,399. Visit for more info.

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