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New floor stand designed to keep iPads at eye level


Stand for Stuff has released the US$239 SwingHolder, a hinged floor unit that that secures the iPad or iPad 2 at eye level — whether lying in bed, standing at a kitchen counter or podium, or playing musical instruments. 

The steel-grey-and-black floor unit stands 58 inches tall at its full height, but can swing as low as five inches off the ground.  With the iPad securely tucked in the SwingHolder’s rubberized-grip case, its 21-inch arm (from the joint) rotates 360 degrees, allowing for custom positioning regardless of use. 

A heavy counterweight on the swing arm ensures the device will stay where it is positioned until adjusted for a new purpose, according to Stand for Stuff CEO Marty Springer. Constructed from powder-coated steel tubing, 50% recycled ABS plastic and soft rubber, the SwingHolder snaps together in moments, he adds.

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