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Foxconn to double factory size to build more iPhones


Foxconn plans to double its Zhengzhou, China, factory size to build more iPhones, reports “M.I.C. Gadget” (

In fact, Central China’s Henan province plans to build the world’s largest manufacturing base for smart phones starting next year, the article adds. The base will purportedly be centered on the Foxconn Science Park in Zhengzhou, provincial capital of Henan.

The expansion plan, which will cost 7 billion yuan (US$1.1 billion), will increase its current production lines and expects to bring US$20 billion in sales revenue in 2012, says “M.I.C. Gadget” Foxconn’s factory plant in Zhengzhou was opened last year and has already reached a daily production of 200,000 Apple iPhones with 130,000 workers.

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