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MacJournal gets redesigned for Lion


Mariner has updated MacJournal, its journaling software, to version 6. The application has been redesigned for Mac OS X 10.7.x (“Lion”).

MacJournal 6 adds a Calendar mode that displays any or all entries. It includes features for geolocation, word count and progress tracking and provides additional blogging support. A Timeline mode has been added to give journal writers the ability to see writing activity in chronological order. MacJournal 6 even introduces a feature for creating books from journals specially formatted for publishing.

MacJournal 6 is available for sale (US$39.95) and for trial as a download from the Mariner Software website ( A boxed and Mac App Store version will be available in the near future. Registered MacJournal 4 and 5 customers can upgrade to MacJournal 6 for $19.95. MacJournal 6 requires Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher.

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