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Hitachi GST ships Ultrastar C10K900 enterprise drive family


Hitachi ( shipping its Ultrastar C10K900 enterprise drive family. It features a SAS 6Gb/s interface for data throughput and packs a 64MB cache buffer to optimize the read/write response time.

The new Ultrastar drives feature average seek times as low as 3.8 milliseconds, and its fast rotational speed reduces average latency time to below 3.0 milliseconds, says Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, Hitachi GST. The Ultrastar C10K900 also hits the industry’s highest 10K capacity point at 900GB, delivering more capacity for less space for greater configuration flexibility, he adds.

The family is available in 900GB, 600GB, 450GB and 300GB capacities. Hitachi GST is now shipping Ultrastar C10K900 qualification units with volume shipments in the first quarter of 2012.

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