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Acclivity launches AccountEdge Pro 2012 for Mac, Windows

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Acclivity has announced AccountEdge Pro 2012, an update to their small business accounting software for Mac and Windows. The latest version for the US market features a redesigned command center, mileage tracking, and the ability to create multiple billing rates.

AccountEdge 2012 also contains numerous forms enhancements, more precise sales reporting, and updated company file maintenance capabilities. AccountEdge’s command center has been redesigned with an emphasis on usability. While retaining the familiar flow chart layout, the new Side Bar and additional menus, Sync and Lists, are designed to make it easier to read and navigate your company file.

AccountEdge Pro 2012 introduces mileage tracking, allowing the user to add vehicles and keep detailed notes about business-related trips. You can track the date, vehicle used, trip notes, apply mileage to a specific job, and add mileage to customer invoices.

AccountEdge Pro users can now create a billing rate matrix, setting multiple rates for the same activity. These rates can be selected depending on customer or employee for total flexibility when billing for activities.

AccountEdge Pro is available through the AccountEdge website ( and other online outlets, mail order catalogs, and select retailers. AccountEdge Pro is priced at US$299 for new users, and $159 for upgraders ($249 for Windows multi user and Mac Network Edition upgrades).

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