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ZOMM announces Wireless Leash Plus


ZOMM ( has introduced the Wireless Leash Plus, a new optimized version for the iPhone. The ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus uses Bluetooth technology to prevent users from losing or misplacing their mobile phone by vibrating, flashing lights and sounding an alarm when users separate too far from their phone.

The Wireless Leash Plus connects with the new myZOMM iPhone app that features geo-tagging. It also features a fully functioning speakerphone and noise-canceling microphone to talk hands free, safely, even while driving.

A panic button feature allows users to sound an alarm with one button press to deter potential attackers and notify others of distress. By continuing to hold the panic button, the Wireless Leash Plus will also dial local emergency assistance from anywhere in the world without having to touch the phone. The user may customize any emergency number for their Wireless Leash Plus to dial.

The myZOMM iPhone app — a free download at the Apple App Store — provides a mobile platform to set up and adjust device preferences, such as naming the Wireless Leash Plus, muting the device, customizing the distance in which the out of range alert sounds, customizing sound levels and customizing the emergency contact number. The app also includes an alert feature to find the Wireless Leash Plus and whatever it’s physically connected to, such as a keychain. \

The ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus is available now nationwide in Apple stores and for US$79.95. The ZOMM Safe Driving Kit is also available for $29.95.

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