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SMEStorage Cloud FTP provides access to over 30 file clouds


SMEStorage (http://www.smestorage.com_, an open cloud appliance company, says their CloudFTP feature add-on for their open cloud platform now supports over 30 file and storage services.

CloudFTP adds a ubiquitous FTP access layer to storage clouds that don’t natively support the FTP protocol This means transferring files can be as easy as launching an FTP client and selecting the files to be moved, no matter what Cloud the files are stored on, says SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne.

Uploading data to different file clouds becomes as simple as switching cloud storage directories within the same FTP session, he adds. The SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform acts as a cloud data broker in which access can be managed and granted to File Stores and Saas Services that are authorized for use with the service. It provides a single view of data in which files can be accessed and managed from all desktops and devices.

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