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SkySafari on sale for two-week period


Southern Stars will offer a two-week sale on SkySafari from now through Dec. 8. During the sale, 40% of the proceeds will be donated to AWB.

SkySafari 3 will be US$0.99; it’s regularly $2.99. The basic version of SkySafari 3 shows you 120,000 stars, plus 220 of the best-known star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky. It displays the Solar System’s major planets and moons using NASA spacecraft imagery, and includes the best-known 20 asteroids and comets.

SkySafari 3 Plus will be $11.99 during the sale; it’s normally $14.99. SkySafari 3 Plus adds a hugely expanded database — and wired or wireless telescope control — to the basic version. It shows you 2.5 million stars, and 31,000 deep sky objects, including the entire NGC/IC catalog. It includes over 4,000 asteroids, comets, and satellites with updatable orbits. And it can point your GoTo or “Push-To” telescope anywhere in the sky, using your iPhone/iPad/iPod’s built-in WiFi, and Southern Stars’ SkyFi or SkyWire serial accessories.

SkySafari 3 Pro will be $29.99 during the sale; it’s normally $59.99. SkySafari 3 Pro has the largest database of any mobile astronomy app. It contains everything in SkySafari 3 Plus and includes over 15.3 million stars from the Hubble Guide Star catalog, plus 740,000 galaxies down to 18th magnitude, and over 550,000 solar system objects — including every comet and asteroid ever discovered.

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