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Adder introduces DisplayPort connectivity across IP KVM range

Adder — a developer of KVM switches, extenders and KVM over IP solutions — has announced the AV4PRO-DP and CATX-DP.  

ADDERView PRO is a range of professional grade keyboard, video mouse and audio (KVMA) switches that enables users to share a high resolution screen and USB peripherals between multiple computers. Computer access modules allow a range of interface options to connect to Adders CATx and CATxIP range of KVM switches and extender products.

Designed for the professional user, the AV4PRO-DP is the first Adder KVM switch to feature DisplayPort video. DisplayPort has seen rapid adoption by the computer industry, appearing across the Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP product ranges. DisplayPort interfaces carry not only video data, but also digital audio. The Adder implementation further features dual-mode DisplayPort that also supports DVI and HDMI devices.

Alongside the AV4PRO-DP, Adder is also releasing the DisplayPort Computer Access Module (CAM), which enables the CATx and CATxIP range of switches together with the ADDERLink X200 extender to connect directly to a dual-mode DisplayPort interface. Available in both full size and mini DisplayPort form, the all new CATX-DP computer access module is perfect for Apple computer environments.

The ADDERView AV4PRO-DP and CATX-DP computer access module are available to order worldwide. For more info go to .

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