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AJA releases KONA LHe Plus and 9.1 software

AJA Video Systems ( has announced KONA LHe Plus, offering more powerful video capture and playback capabilities, greater performance and a 25% lower cost than its predecessor, the KONA LHe.

The company has also released version 9.1 software for KONA, Io Express and Io HD, adding 4K and Quad HD capture to the KONA 3G’s 4K playback features.

JA 9.1 software enables 4K and Quad HD capture on KONA 3G, delivers improved RGB/YUV and RGB full range/RGB SMPTE range conversions on all KONA solutions and Io Express, and improves AES audio status bit settings on KONA 3G and audio inputs on KONA LHe.

KONA LHe Plus is available through AJA’s global network of resellers at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$995. Version 9.1 software is available as a no-cost download for all KONA, Io Express, and Io HD owners.

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