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The Thule Group enters the Apple market


The Thule Group — previously best known for its roof racks, cargo boxes and bike carriers — is now offering Apple-specific cases and backpacks that withstand the abuse of everyday adventures, thus supporting an active lifestyle.

“The new Thule carry solutions for Mac laptops and iPads epitomize the strength that the Thule brand has built over the years,” says CEO Magnus Welander. “Thule has evolved from manufacturing car- related products only into becoming more of a lifestyle brand that is not only present during the transport but also on the way to and from the car, bike, plane, or boat. We see it as a natural development to respond to contemporary consumer needs, and we are now ready to let our expertise in safe, functional and stylish design move even closer to the everyday adventures that so many of today’s consumers indulge in.”

The company makes backpacks and sleeves for all sizes of the MacBook Pro (11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch), plus a backpack that accommodates both the 17-inch MacBook and an iPad.

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