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iOS device sales could be banned in Germany


Sales of iPhones and iPads could be banned in Germany as a result of a court battle over Apple’s alleged infringement of Motorola patents, reports “Reg Hardware” (

The German hearing on Friday was brought about by Motorola Mobility, which is seeking an injunction to ban sales and prevent Apple gaining customers while the patent hearings continue. Apple didn’t attend, which results in the German court rendering a default judgement which will see Apple products removed from sale in Germany, unless the company gets it suspended, notes “Reg Hardware.”

In November 2010 Apple sued Motorola, alleging that the company’s smartphone lineup and the operating software it uses infringe on the iPhone-maker’s intellectual property. The two lawsuits came after Motorola sued Apple in October 2010 for patent infringement. Motorola claims that Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and certain Mac computers infringe Motorola patents.

Overall, Motorola Mobility’s three complaints include 18 patents, which the company says relates to early-stage innovations developed by Motorola in technology areas found on many of Apple’s core products and associated services, including MobileMe and the Apple App Store. The Motorola patents include wireless communication technologies, such as WCDMA (3G), GPRS, 802.11 and antenna design, and key smartphone technologies including wireless email, proximity sensing, software application management, location-based services and multi-device synchronization.

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