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mophie announces juice pack outdoor edition


mophie ( has announced the US$119.95 juice pack outdoor edition, a hardware and GPS app bundle that purportedly gives iPhone 4 and 4S users access to twice the battery power and more than 650,000 map images for on-the-go navigation.

The outdoor edition is the first solution from the company to merge its battery charging capabilities with enhanced function through a supporting application, according to mophie’s Ross Howe, vice president of marketing. Available now in a orange and gray color combination, the mophie juice pack outdoor edition’s 2,000 mAh battery capacity and GPS app effectively transforms the iPhone 4 and 4S into a connected, dedicated GPS device, he adds.

The mophie juice pack outdoor edition is available now for purchase. Current juice pack users who want to take advantage of the mophie outdoor app but don’t want to purchase the outdoor juice pack plus case can download the app in the Apple App Sstore for free and purchase a one-year map subscription via their iTunes account for $29.99.

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