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Digital Harmony Games unleashes first Dragons vs. Unicorns minions

Digital Harmony Games ( has confirmed the first set of minions available for Dragons vs. Unicorns, the first title to launch from the newly developed company. The multiplayer game is available for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and Android browsers.

Here’s how the game is described: “Minions are the only elements that can directly damage an opponent’s tower without the use of abilities.  These player controlled minions, travel across the terrain from one opponent’s tower to the other opponent’s tower wreaking havoc along the way!  Players choose the minions that they wish to set in the 4 minion slots before the game begins, so choosing the right creature to inflict damage upon your enemy is key.

“Dragons vs. Unicorns offers an immersive experience with a simple and intuitive control scheme and easy click and gesture based control.  PVP fans will find dynamic physics with realistic damage in the sprite filled, sparkly rainbow and molten lava driven world.  Single player mode, VS Multiplayer, persistent player data, social connectivity and so much more will await players in this unique and magical world of Dragons and Unicorns.”

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