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Rebuild your family hotel empire with Jane’s Hotel for the Mac

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Jane’s Hotel: Family Hero for the Mac is a sequel to a time management game Jane’s Hotel. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher, costs US$6.99 and is available in the Mac App Store.

Here’s how the sequel is described: “The second installment in the series begins where the first one leaves off. Jane has become a successful businesswoman and now runs her own hotels. Suddenly she gets a letter from her grandmother who says that Jane’s success was just a matter of time because long time ago her family owned a whole chain of hotels all around the world. Jane decides to get her granny’s heritage back and buy all the hotels one by one and restore the family business in its former glory.

“The action takes place in four hotels built in France, England, Japan and the Canaries. All the hotels, no matter if it is just a couple of bungalows or an old castle, have a distinct style and personality. With the money Jane gets from her guests she can gradually upgrade the lobby with furniture and new equipment to provide a better service. Also between the levels players can purchase decorative items that add up to create a unique atmosphere of a specific hotel and attract even more customers.

“Of course Jane can’t run the hotel on her own so she is assisted by the maid and the porter who help her clean the rooms, sell souvenirs, take pictures of the guests, repair appliances, take guests’ clothes to the dry cleaners and so on. Each character can be sent on courses where she or he will acquire new skills which will make them cope with certain tasks faster. All these micro management decisions add to an overall feel of being in charge of a real hotel.”

The game features improved graphics, detailed guests’ and characters’ models, brand new hotel lobbies and a 40 level campaign to keep the players entertained for a long time.”

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