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Greg’s Bite: Strategic Use of Apple’s Nest Egg


By Greg Mills

I have purchased the book “Steve Jobs” and have read the first fourth of it so far. There are interesting insights into the black hole of information that describes what most of us know about the life and dealings of Steve Jobs. I downloaded it onto my iPad, a fitting tribute to the digital downloaded book concept he pioneered.

Two relevant stock issues are in the news: Sprint is rebounding somewhat from almost historic lows but still floundering without the vision and steady hand they need. I am still of the opinion Apple ought to buy Sprint and own a national cellular network they could fix. The profit alone on the iPhones Sprint has ordered over the next four years is enough to buy the company outright. Apple needs to think differently and just buy the company.

NetFlix also is in the news as it is being punished for its marketing stupidity and incredibly poorly thought-out moves. NetFlix has shed one-third its value. There was a badly timed price increase and silly attempt to spin off part of its operation that would have forced customers to not only pay more for what they have been getting but to also do business with two companies instead of one.

Apple need not buy NetFlix; the company is going to run itself into the ground. While a buyout is possible, especially at the new discounted price, you only buy companies that offer something you can’t build yourself. he shrinking customer base and business is worth something — but what?

Tony Fadell has launched a cool smart thermostat that intelligently manages your heating and air conditioning. It’s priced at US$250. The hockey puck sized and shaped device connects to the home Wi-Fi and apps allow an iPhone or iPad connection to warm the house before you come home unexpectedly. The normal comings and goings are noted by the device that also notes movement near it to confirm someone is home to enjoy the heat or coolness. The guy behind the iPod has a lot of not-so-Applish ideas of his own. Congrats Tony.

That’s Greg’s Bite for today.

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