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Paragon Software updates three Mac OS X products

Paragon Software Group (PSG) has released three solutions for Mac users working in a dual OS environment or planning to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion — NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5, Virtualization Manager for Mac and a beta version of CampTune X.

NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 (US$19.95) is a standalone application for dual-boot users designed to eliminate barriers between Windows and Mac operating systems, and ease data manipulation and data transfer. It adds NTFS file allocation system support to Mac OS X, including Lion, allowing the operating system to access any NTFS-formatted drive. You can download it at .

CampTune X is a next-generation utility that changes volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems by adding more space to one volume at the expense of another. It’s a native utility that adjusts volume size in a few clicks without the need to boot to a special environment. Paragon CampTune X is open to beta testers and can currently be downloaded for free at .

Virtualization Manager for Mac is a solution for migration of an Mac OS X environment to a virtual machine, and allows users to create and run a virtual clone of a physical machine that can be used anywhere. It’s a standalone application that runs the virtual clone of your OS X-driven environment on another machine without loading into a special environment, or saves it for use as a backup. Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac is available for free, and can be downloaded at

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