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newMacgadgets introduces iPad 2 Wall Mount Display

iPad 2 Wall Mount Display.jpg

newMacgadgets ( has introduced their new iPad 2 Wall Mount Display. The US$79.95 display allows businesses to secure the Apple tablet while displaying their message or advertisement in an open environment.

Constructed from one-inch clear acrylic, the Wall Mount Display can hang in either the landscape or portrait position. Screws for mounting to the wall are concealed behind the iPad 2 and aren’t accessible unless the tablet is removed from the display.

A three-6th clear cover secures the iPad 2 within the base and allows access to the screen. The cover is held in place with stainless steel, Torx tamper-proof screws. An optional clear cover can also be ordered with a button guard preventing access to the on/off button. Slots are also provided for the charging cable and earphones.

The iPad Wall Mount can also work as a free standing display for table tops. Hardware is included for securing the display to a hard surface.

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